TU305 Brightness Tester


Brightness Tester is mainly used to test the whiteness of diversified objects such as paper and board, pulps and chemical fiber, textile, plastic, ceramic, enamel, fecula, salt, white cerement, porcelain clay and French chalk, etc. It can be used to test the optical performance of sheet materials, for example, opacity test.



  • Measuring condition      d/0
  • Measuring range         0-120
  • Minimum readout        0.01a
  • Basic Error              <+/-1
  • Repeatability            <0.2
  • Zero Draft               +/-0.1

Standards      ISO 2469, ISO 2470, ISO 2471, TAPPI T452,

Power          220 /110 V   50/60 Hz

Weight         15 Kg

Dimensions    365 x260 x 425mm  (L x W x H)

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