TF316 Blanket Flammability Tester



Blanket Flammability Tester, to determine the ignition resistance property of blanket fabrics and surface flame spread performance of fabric. A standardized flame is applied to the surface of specimen for a special time under controlled conditions, and burning, changing, or discoloration of a paper monitor is noted to classify flammability of tested fabric.


  • Stainless steel test cabinet, equipped with transparent viewing window
  • 18# needle flame, flame length adjustable
  • Igniting time pre-set freely
  • Timer accuracy up to 0.01 second

Included Accessories

  • 5 sets of Sample holders
  • 1 set of Brushing device
  • 1 Sample cutting template
  • 1 Paper monitor cutting template
  • 1 Flame length gage
  • 1 Fire nozzle position gage
  • 1 set of Micro-stove for gas supply

Standards     ASTM D4151

Power         220 /110 V   50/60 Hz   2 A

Weight        18 Kg

Dimensions   400x280x500mm  (L x W x H)

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