TF320 NFPA 701-1 Flammability Tester


NFPA 701-1 Flammability Tester, to determine the ignition resistance properties of draperies and other hanging fabrics according to test method NFPA 701#1, and it is suitable for single-layer or multi-layer fabrics, but not suitable for fabrics with density larger than 700g/m2 (21oz/yd2).



  • Open-type burning chamber structure;
  • Chamber body in calcium silicate board, and wrapped by stainless steel external;
  • Standard Maker laboratory burner;
  • Record burning time automatically;
  • Auto-ignition mode to avoid operative error;
  • Timer accuracy up to 0.1second;
  • Provide with a standard specimen holder.

Standards     NFPA 701-2004 Test Method 1

Power         220 /110 V   50/60 Hz

Weight        80 Kg

Dimensions   900 x 510 x 720mm (L x W x H)

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