TF165B Auto Water Vapour Permeability Tester


Auto Water Vapour Permeability Tester, to determine the water vapour permeability of various textile and garment fabric, coating fabric, composite, sportswear and industrial fabrics.


This tester is equipped with touch panel to program and control the test, auto weighing the cups during test without stopping the test or opening the door of the test chamber.


Airflow speed, temperature (15 ~ 50oC +/- 0.1oC) and humidity (35% ~95%+/- 2%) are accurately controlled giving accurate and repeatable test results.

Inner chamber is made of SUS316 stainless steel; LED lights are equipped to observer the test process.



  • Airflow speed: 0.02~0.3m/s
  • Temperature: 15~50℃
  • Humidity:35%~95%
  • Auto weighing

Standards  ASTM E96, ISO8096, BS 3424, BS 7209, JIS L1099, GB/T 12704

Power        220V  50/60 Hz

Weight       300 Kg

Dimensions  650x550x1450mm  (L x W x H)

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